Can You Decline A Breathalyzer Test In Connecticut?



Can You Decline A Breathalyzer Test In Connecticut?

Posted on : August 23, 2019
lawyer for fighting DUI breath-test charges
Connecticut DUI Accident Statistics Over the summer, it was reported that Alcohol use was steady, but still remains high, in Connecticut. In addition, another alarming statistic for Connecticut was that the percentage of alcohol-impaired crashes resulting in death is the nation’s highest, according to NHTSA (the National Highway Trafic Safety Administration). It was reported that Read more
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Violating An Order Of Protection In Connecticut

Posted on : August 9, 2019
Connecticut Restraining/Protective Orders In Connecticut, Restraining Orders, Protective Orders, and Relief From Abuse Orders are issued by the Courts, and require one party to refrain from contact with another party or parties. The purpose is to restrain the alleged accused party from further harming another party or parties in a criminal and/or civil case. These Read more

Criminal Charges and Immigration Consequences

Posted on : June 28, 2019
Immigration & The Impact Of Criminal Charges If you are not a US citizen, criminal charges can have a devastating impact upon your ability to remain in the US, your ability to be readmitted to the US, your ability to get a green card, and your ability to become a US citizen.  This blog post Read more

How Long Can Police Detain Me?

Posted on : June 6, 2019
Length Of Detainment In Connecticut After An Arrest While everyone knows the police can arrest a suspect in a case, a question often asked is “How long can police detain me if they are not arresting me?” Both the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution and Article First, Section 7 of the Connecticut Constitution guarantees Read more

What are the Most Common Types of Traffic Violations?

Posted on : May 29, 2019
Think you can handle a traffic charge on your own? You should talk to an attorney first to make sure that’s accurate. Have you recently been accused of a traffic violation in Connecticut?  Never downplay the potential repercussions that this could have on your future.  Even a traffic violation could come back to haunt you Read more

Are You Facing Domestic Violence Charges In Connecticut?

Posted on : May 22, 2019
Domestic Violence In Connecticut Is Considered A Serious Crime In the state of Connecticut, Domestic Violence is a term often used to describe “Family Violence” offenses.  The phrase “Family Violence” is defined by Connecticut law as  an incident resulting in physical harm, bodily injury or assault, or an act of threatened violence that constitutes fear Read more

Is It Really A Crime to Write Bad Checks in Connecticut?

Posted on : March 30, 2019
Writing a bad check is a form of a criminal charge in Connecticut You need a dedicated Connecticut criminal defense attorney to help you if you have been accused of such a crime.  It can be a serious offense depending on the amount of money involved.   Any criminal offense can have a negative impact on Read more

What is a Criminal Assault Charge in Connecticut?

Posted on : February 22, 2019
What You  Need To Know About Assault Charges Assault is often thrown around as a term that confuses many people but it is important to realize that being accused of an assault is a serious matter that requires the insight of a criminal defense attorney. Assault is considered a violent crime that is heavily penalized Read more

What is Larceny in the Sixth Degree?

Posted on : February 2, 2019
If you have been accused of any crime in the State of Connecticut, how you choose to proceed could impact your ability to get these charges dismissed or reduced.  You need to be prepared to fight back when you have been accused of violating any statute in Connecticut, and larceny in the sixth degree is no Read more

Crimmigration – The Intersection between Criminal, DUI, & Traffic Law and Immigration Law

Posted on : January 24, 2019
Criminal Defense and Immigration Lawyer, Llinas Law Immigration & Criminal Defense
In basic terms, matters related to an individual’s immigration status are governed by federal law, whereas the vast majority of criminal matters (including DUI and traffic matters) are prosecuted in state courts.  The outcome of a criminal, DUI, or traffic matter in state court, however, can have a direct impact on a person’s immigration status and may Read more