What is a Criminal Assault Charge in Connecticut?




What is a Criminal Assault Charge in Connecticut?

Posted on : February 22, 2019
What You  Need To Know About Assault Charges Assault is often thrown around as a term that confuses many people but it is important to realize that being accused of an assault is a serious matter that requires the insight of a criminal defense attorney. Assault is considered a violent crime that is heavily penalized Read more

What is Larceny in the Sixth Degree?

Posted on : February 2, 2019
If you have been accused of any crime in the State of Connecticut, how you choose to proceed could impact your ability to get these charges dismissed or reduced.  You need to be prepared to fight back when you have been accused of violating any statute in Connecticut, and larceny in the sixth degree is no Read more

Crimmigration – The Intersection between Criminal, DUI, & Traffic Law and Immigration Law

Posted on : January 24, 2019
Criminal Defense and Immigration Lawyer, Llinas Law Immigration & Criminal Defense
In basic terms, matters related to an individual’s immigration status are governed by federal law, whereas the vast majority of criminal matters (including DUI and traffic matters) are prosecuted in state courts.  The outcome of a criminal, DUI, or traffic matter in state court, however, can have a direct impact on a person’s immigration status and may Read more

Are Violent Crime Rates in Connecticut Changing?

Posted on : December 19, 2018
Being accused of a violent crime in the state of Connecticut should lead you to immediately contact an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney who is brought into the defense of your case as soon as possible will assist you with developing a strategy and exploring whether or not any violations Read more

What Are the Most Important Things to Know About Connecticut’s Gun Laws?

Posted on : December 3, 2018
Being accused of any weapons law violation in Connecticut could lead to criminal charges, fines, penalties or even time in jail. It is required for anyone who intends to own a gun in the state of Connecticut to obtain a permit. Connecticut is considered a may-issue-permit state and not resident permits are available. The permit Read more

What is a Breach of Peace Charge?

Posted on : October 25, 2018
Have you recently been accused of breach of peace in Connecticut?   Not sure what this means and whether or not you need a criminal defense attorney?  A person can be charged with breach of peace under Connecticut law without realizing the full extent of the allegations. The first question that you must immediately ask Read more

What Are Connecticut’s Criminal Court Procedures?

Posted on : September 25, 2018
Connecticut Criminal Court Attorney, Chris Llinas
After you have been arrested for a crime in the state of Connecticut, the court procedure officially begins. The police will give you a summons to appear in court and you may be required to post a bond in order to be released. This period of time can be very overwhelming and confusing especially if Read more

What Is a Hit and Run in Connecticut?

Posted on : August 31, 2018
Connecticut Hit And Run Attorney, Chris Llinas
If you have recently been accused of a crime known as hit and run, you might assume that the consequences are not that serious. You might try to argue that you weren’t aware that an accident happened and that’s why you allegedly left the scene of the accident. However, if the other party can prove Read more

Special Operator’s Permits

Posted on : August 17, 2018
Special Operator’s Permits (Work Permits & Education Permits) After you are stopped and arrested for drunk driving in Connecticut, the police officer will provide you with a choice: to submit to a chemical test (breath, blood, or urine) to determine your blood alcohol content (“BAC”), or to refuse to submit to such a test.   Read more

Do I Really Need a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Connecticut?

Posted on : August 1, 2018
Traffic Ticket Attorney, Chris Llinas
When you think about a criminal defense lawyer, perhaps the first thing that pops into your mind isn’t traffic tickets. But the truth is that traffic tickets can land you in hot water, especially if you already have accumulated tickets or other driving-related problems in the past. This is why it’s a good idea to Read more