Juvenile Shoplifting Facts

Posted on : June 3, 2017
Maryland Juvenile Shoplifting Lawyer
Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes that take place in Maryland today, and it’s a crime that most people consider to be “minor.” While shoplifting is, in most cases, a misdemeanor, it’s something that should be taken seriously. Juveniles are often the perpetrators of this crime. Learn more about juveniles and shoplifting, and […]

What to Expect After a Criminal Arrest

Posted on : May 9, 2017
Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer
When you are arrested for a crime, this is the beginning of a long and arduous process with the Maryland court system. However, with the help of a seasoned criminal defense attorney, you can learn what to expect after your arrest and will receive guidance and advocacy throughout each stage of the process. Here’s what […]

I Got a Ticket for Running a Stop Sign or Failure to Yield — Can I Challenge It?

Posted on : April 12, 2017
Maryland Traffic Lawyer
One way to fight traffic tickets is to determine what law you broke, study the law, break it down into elements, and then challenge any elements that you can. If you successfully challenge even one element, you can argue that you never actually broke the law at all. It’s quite possible that your traffic charge will […]

Firearms Charges in Maryland

Posted on : February 7, 2017
Attorney for defending weapons charges
While Maryland residents can lawfully possess firearms, they can do so only under certain conditions. In fact, possessing or operating a firearm outside of these conditions can be a punishable crime. Unfortunately, many people commit these crimes unknowingly. They do no understand how they can and cannot possess and use a firearm in the state. Here’s […]

Potential Defenses for Violent Crimes

Posted on : January 7, 2017
Maryland Violent Crime Lawyer
A charge or conviction of a violent crime — like murder, manslaughter, or carjacking — is frightening and life-changing. Under the law, no matter what crime you are charged with, you have the right to a zealous defense. Learn about potential defenses that may be used in your case and when to contact an attorney for […]