What to Expect After a Criminal Arrest

Posted on : May 9, 2017
Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer
When you are arrested for a crime, this is the beginning of a long and arduous process with the Connecticut court system. However, with the help of a seasoned criminal defense attorney, you can learn what to expect after your arrest and will receive guidance and advocacy throughout each stage of the process. Here’s what […]

Potential Defenses for Violent Crimes

Posted on : January 7, 2017
Connecticut Violent Crime Lawyer
A charge or conviction of a violent crime — like murder, manslaughter, or carjacking — is frightening and life-changing. Under the law, no matter what crime you are charged with, you have the right to a zealous defense. Learn about potential defenses that may be used in your case and when to contact an attorney for […]

What You Need to Know About Grand Theft

Posted on : November 12, 2016
Connecticut Grand Theft Attorney
Were you charged with grand theft? Learn about what this charge is, potential defenses, and how a lawyer can protect your rights and your future. Grand Theft, Defined Grand theft is a particular kind of larceny offense. Definitions of grand theft may change according to state or local legislative acts. However, they usually have to […]

Aggressive Defense for Violent Crimes

Posted on : August 16, 2016
Connecticut Violent Crimes Attorney
Violent crimes are some of the most serious ones. Therefore, you should reach out for seasoned legal representation if you are arrested for or are being investigated as a suspect in a violent crime. Evidence is key in a case like this. You need someone on your side to ensure law enforcement and prosecutors are handling evidence properly […]

Defenses Against Drug Possession

Posted on : June 10, 2016
Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyer
Many people mistakenly believe that if they are arrested for the possession of drugs, they will most likely be convicted and face jail time. However, there are actually many different creative and successful defense tactics that can be used to fight charges of drug possession. Here are just a few of the defenses that can […]