Potential Defenses for Violent Crimes

Posted on : January 7, 2017
Connecticut Violent Crime Lawyer

A charge or conviction of a violent crime — like murder, manslaughter, or carjacking — is frightening and life-changing. Under the law, no matter what crime you are charged with, you have the right to a zealous defense. Learn about potential defenses that may be used in your case and when to contact an attorney for help.

Reasonable Doubt

In order for a jury to convict a defendant of a crime, they must be certain beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was the perpetrator of the crime. A solid defense tactic is to instill doubt in the jury. This is achieved by suggesting that the defendant “may have” or “probably” committed the crime isn’t enough for a conviction.

Mistaken Identity

This defense tactic isn’t suitable for many cases. But it is used when evidence of who committed the crime isn’t clear. If, for example, a person is tried for carjacking, yet the carjacker who committed the crime was wearing a ski mask, a defense attorney can argue mistaken identity and his client’s innocence.


An alibi is a strong defense against violent crime, since many violent crimes are committed without witnesses. If a defendant has evidence that she was in another place when the crime was committed, this may exonerate them. Witness testimony helps, but actual evidence such as a time-stamped receipt or surveillance video footage of the defendant will likely lead to dismissal of the charges.

Self Defense

In some cases, argue that the defendant committed the offense but did so in self-defense. If, for example, an individual is charged with manslaughter, his defense attorney can argue that the death was an accident. The attorney can argue that the defendant engaged in self-defense after being attacked.

What defense strategies your attorney employs depend largely on the facts and evidence available in your case. It’s critical to work with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible following your arrest, or even beforehand if you’re aware of an investigation.

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