5 Reasons to Hire a Former Prosecutor For Your DUI Case

Posted on : April 25, 2015
attorney in Tolland County for help with a DUI arrest

If you were charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, you may be angry and unsure of what might happen next. It’s not always easy to know who can help you during a situation like this or what your rights are under Connecticut law. Obtaining experienced legal guidance is key to defeating DUI charges, and there are many benefits to working with a former prosecutor. Here’s what you need to know.

1. More Courtroom Experience

Naturally, a former prosecutor will have more courtroom experience than your average criminal defense attorney. What this means is that an attorney who once prosecuted will be completely comfortable and have a strong presence in the courtroom.

2. The Ability to Gather Evidence

In a DUI case, the ability to gather evidence in your favor is critical. The burden of proof is higher for a criminal prosecutor than any other type of attorney, and a former prosecutor will be well-versed on how to obtain critical evidence that can prove your innocence, or challenge the prosecution’s case.

3. The Ability to Anticipate the Prosecutor’s Tactics

Knowing what the prosecution is likely to do in a Connecticut DUI case can be extremely helpful when planning your defense. An attorney that was a former prosecutor can help you challenge each and every aspect of the prosecution’s case in order to increase the chances that you’ll have the charges against you dismissed or reduced.

4. Insider Information

A former prosecutor has intimate knowledge of how the Connecticut court systems work and what evidence is most likely going to be effective in your case. With first-hand, insider information, you can face the DUI charges against you with confidence.

5. Knowledge of Various Connecticut Officials

Prosecutors spend a lot of time cultivating valuable relationships with key individuals in their area, and most have a wide network of people they can call for assistance with certain types of cases. By working with a former prosecutor after being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, you are in a good position to utilize the skills and services of individuals who may be helpful to your case.

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