How to Protect Your Child in the Juvenile Criminal System

Posted on : March 8, 2016
Connecticut Juvenile Offenses Attorney

One of the most frightening things that you can go through as a parent is having your child be arrested for a crime. No matter how old your child is — whether they’re barely a teenager or almost an adult — it’s important that you take action to protect your child and do everything possible to keep the charge off your child’s record. Here’s what you can do to help your child through the juvenile criminal system in Connecticut.

Advise Your Child Not to Speak

When your child is arrested, he or she has the same right to silence that an adult does. This is true even when law enforcement may badger your child for a statement. Police officers and investigators often use intimidation tactics to make a juvenile feel as though they have to give a statement or a confession, or that the case will be easier on them if they do. Advise your child that they do not have to give a statement or speak at all, and that they should never be questioned by law enforcement without your presence and that of an attorney.

Understand Your Rights as a Parent

In some juvenile cases, especially where your child has multiple arrests or contact with Connecticut law enforcement officials, you may be held partly responsible for the actions of your child. For example, your child may need to be supervised by the DJS or your child may be removed from your home and placed in an appropriate facility. Additionally, in cases where restitution is ordered, the child’s parents may be responsible for paying up to $10,000. It is critical that you understand your own rights as the parent of a juvenile who has been arrested for a crime so you can seek comprehensive legal representation based on the facts of your child’s case.

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Don’t let the emotional aspect of having a child arrested for a crime overwhelm you to the point where you hesitate to take action to protect your child. Contact an experienced juvenile offenses attorney right away to learn what your next step should be. J. Christopher Llinas has the skills and resources to zealously advocate for the rights and best interests of your child, and he will work hard to see that the charges against them are dismissed entirely or reduced. Call now at 860-815-2396.

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