I Got a Ticket for Running a Stop Sign or Failure to Yield — Can I Challenge It?

Posted on : April 12, 2017
Connecticut Traffic Lawyer

One way to fight traffic tickets is to determine what law you broke, study the law, break it down into elements, and then challenge any elements that you can. If you successfully challenge even one element, you can argue that you never actually broke the law at all. It’s quite possible that your traffic charge will be dismissed. Can this be done with running a stop sign or failure to yield?

The Law Broken Down

Title 21, Subtitle 7, Section 21-707 of the Connecticut Transportation Code states:

Stop signs. Unless otherwise directed by a police officer or traffic control signal, the driver of a vehicle approaching a stop sign at an intersection shall stop at the near side of the intersection at a clearly marked stop line.

Yield signs. The driver of a vehicle approaching a yield sign at an intersection, if required for safety to stop, shall stop at the near side of the intersection at a clearly marked stop line.

Challenging Stop Sign Tickets

In some states, the law for stop signs is written similarly to the law written for yield signs in Connecticut. However, Connecticut law does clearly state that you must stop. However, there are a few elements here that you may be able to fight. For example, were you directed by a police officer or traffic control signal not to stop? Was the stop sign at an intersection? Was the stop line clearly marked?

Challenging Failure to Yield Tickets

A failure to yield ticket may be easier to challenge than a stop sign ticket. For example, you could argue that it was not required for safety to stop or yield, or the yield sign was not at an intersection.

When to Contact an Attorney

Many people feel that for tickets like these, it’s less hassle and money to just pay the ticket rather than fight it. However, Connecticut has a points system that could cause you to lose your license if you accrue too many points. After just 8-11 points in a two-year period, the MVA will suspend your license. A moving violation like failing to stop or yield is a one or two point violation, however, if you’re already close to losing your license, fighting a ticket like this is critical.

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