Should You Just Pay That Ticket? Or Should You Go to Court?

Posted on : April 8, 2016
Connecticut Traffic Offense Attorney

Getting a traffic ticket is almost a rite of passage; virtually everyone has gotten at least one traffic ticket in their lifetime. Many people choose to simply pay the fine rather than go to court and hire a lawyer to defend them. But is this really the best approach? Could going to court over a ticket be more beneficial for you in the long run?

Paying a Ticket Fine is the Same as Pleading Guilty

Many people fail to realize that when you pay a ticket, you are essentially pleading guilty to the traffic offense you are being accused of. This means that you automatically incur any penalties associated with the ticket, including points to your Connecticut driver’s license and potentially increased car insurance rates.

You Can Only Accumulate So Many Points Against Your License Before It is Suspended

For every two year period, the following will occur when you accumulate points on your driver’s license:

  • 3-4 points: A warning letter will be sent to you
  • 5-7 points: You will be required to attend a driver improvement program
  • 8-11 points: Your license will be suspended
  • 12 or more points: Your license will be revoked

How many points you accumulate depends on the offense. For example, if you are ticketed for speeding, you may only receive one point against your license. However, if you are ticketed for speeding more than 30 mph over the posted speed limit, you may receive 5 points against your license. A DUI may result in 8 points against your license, and attempting to flee or elude a police officer may result in an automatic revocation with 12 points against your license.

Defending Yourself in Court

If you are ticketed, you have the option to defend yourself in court with the help of a traffic offense attorney if you wish. In cases of non-moving violations, your attorney may be able to appear on your behalf. If successful, the traffic offense is dismissed and you receive no points against your license. If you were ticketed with an offense that has a high number of points, or you have already received a high number of points in the last two years and the new offense could cause your¬†license to be suspended, it’s even more important to work with an attorney.

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